The Sheinkopf Group (TSG) was formed in 2001 to provide energy and education consulting services for government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, and private businesses.

Blanche Sheinkopf is company founder and President. She has more than 25 years experience in K-12 and higher education, and owned her own full-service market research firm for 11 years.

Kenneth Sheinkopf is Vice President. He was a faculty member and administrator for 35 years at the University of Central Florida, including 24 years as Associate Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center. He has also taught at several other universities around the country.

Other staff members and consultants are located around the U.S.

The Sheinkopf Group provides consulting support business management functions in the areas of energy management program support and energy education as it relates to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and general energy education in the K-12, community college, and higher education sectors as well as the general public. The company provides consulting, training, program management, and related support for energy activities involving educators, students, business partners, and others, helping agencies and businesses meet their mission requirements in this area. The growing importance of energy issues and the strong interest in education activities meets objectives of many agencies and businesses today.

TSG has been actively involved for the past six years serving as external evaluators for National Science Foundation (NSF) grants to colleges and universities, and has worked with universities and community colleges in Iowa, Oregon, Idaho, Florida, and New York. Work includes data compilation and analysis, and detailed reports on the activities and impacts of the projects. All work is conducted by staff members with extensive experience in K-12 and higher education teaching and research, as well as in market research data collecting and analysis.

The Sheinkopf Group and its principals have provided consulting services to the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the American Solar Energy Society, several major energy companies, and a number of non-profit educational organizations. Work for the U.S. Department of Energy has included support for the EnergySmart Schools program; meeting planning including handling logistics, setting up exhibit space, and other details for the FEMP Energy 2006 conference in Chicago, and compiling and producing the "Get Smart About Energy" CD with K-12 classroom lessons and activities.

TSG has also worked with more than 20 public housing authorities around the country for the past five years, conducting annual inspections of energy-efficiency equipment and educating residents and housing authority staff on energy- and water-saving strategies. We also are assisting municipalities and schools with presentations, workshops, and other programs to help them develop and operate energy-efficiency programs.

An important component of TSG activities is public sector outreach, which includes energy education resources and messages, agency websites, training and meeting planning, and other activities. The company has staff with extensive experience and expertise in graphics, web design, and related technologies. Work has included development of animations on the operation of renewable energy systems and technologies and a CD with energy classroom activities.

For more information, contact Blanche(at)thesheinkopfgroup.com, or call (321) 779-3768.